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About us

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Our purpose: move people through the wonders of sport.

At DECATHLON, we are accomplished sportsmen and women, and we love sport. We dream of sharing this enthusiasm with the largest possible number of people. Everything we do centres around the end user. Their satisfaction is our reason for being.

Our company mission is:
move people through the wonders of sport.

So, are you ready for wonder?

Our sense of purpose and company mission in pictures:


Our values

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    It's life itself. It's about being positive and full of energy.

    Being bold, enterprising, adaptable and prepared to change if necessary.
    Like taking action.
    Play to win and not to lose.

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    Taking responsibility for myself and playing an active role in my life.

    I say clearly what I am going to do, and I do what I say.
    I regularly assess the value I create, making sure it grows.
    When I make mistakes, I quickly correct them.
    I ensure that all stakeholders benefit long-term from my decision-making.

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    It's about doing things from the heart and
    making myself available to others.

    I'm a team player, I help out where necessary.
    I share with others everything useful to them.
    I consider all stakeholders “as friends”.
    I take care of myself and others.
    We support each other.

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    It's about being honest with myself and others.

    I dare to be myself.
    I say things straightforwardly and act in a sincere and caring way.
    I act by respecting the environment and its resources.

The film about what we love:


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Our core human values

I make no concessions when it comes to people's safety, 
 inside and outside the company.

We recruit very lively, helpful, and practical sports enthusiasts, 
"stronger than us.”

I act responsibly to make a positive social and environmental impact.
From day one, I'm in charge of a measurable assignment, for which 
I'm accountable each month during my monthly meeting.

I'm not doing this alone. I'm part of a team with whom I work with and 
regularly report to.

I make decisions on issues that relate to me and 
measure their consequences.

I am allowed to make mistakes. 
Every day is a new beginning.

My job is eventful and interesting (I'm responsible from start to finish). I'm trained 
to develop my skills to be the best at what I do.

We have a relationship built on trust.

We do sport and celebrate our victories together.

We support internal promotion and “zig-zag” career paths.

We share value created - people / environmental / business.

Our 3 main pillars

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    Dear teammates

    At DECATHLON, everyone can play an active part, making decisions and taking full responsibility for them. At the core of what we care about: our teammates' well-being! And our social responsibility and human resources policies prove it. Because we're convinced: happy and committed teammates contribute long-term to the company's performance.

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    Innovation is one of our fundamental strategies. It creates our products and our services. At the heart of our approach to innovation: sports users. We want, and we work at it every day, to make sports even more accessible by designing SPORTY, RESPONSIBLE, FRIENDLY AND ESSENTIAL products. We think through and produce our small and big innovations always to make sport a source of enjoyment!

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    Sustainable development

    As sportsmen and women we're aware of the impact our activity has on our playground. And our responsibility. Preserving the environment is one of our commitments. It is a value shared by all our teams, especially those who design our products. By 2026, we want to eco-design 100% of our products and reduce each product's carbon footprint by 40%.

Our teammates' film


Our value chain:

Picture of product conception

What does design mean at DECATHLON?

How are DECATHLON products designed? Who designs DECATHLON products? Product design and DECATHLON we explain all the steps.

Picture of a DECATHLON store

What does distribution mean at DECATHLON?

DECATHLON, distribution? What does it refer to? This term brings together all the ways we have at our disposal to get our products to you. Website, store: we reveal all

Picture of manufacture

What does manufacturing mean at DECATHLON?

We are a product designer. This means we imagine and think them through to answer your needs. Once we complete this stage, we have to bring them to life to make them available. This stage is called manufacturing.

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A long-lasting relationship

Getting your feedback, talking to each other, sharing a passion we have in common, supporting, motivating and helping… Experiencing DECATHLON doesn't stop at buying a product. We want to develop a long-lasting relationship with you, the sports users.