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Our environmental challenges

Biodiversity, climate and plastic pollution in the ocean: 3 issues that DECATHLON are working on in particular. Why these? How? Find more information here on the methods used to deal with these challenges.

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Biodiversity and decathlon

The fauna, flora, air, water… What on earth does all this have to do with DECATHLON?
To be honest, it has everything to do with Decathlon. From creating our products to distributing and selling them in stores, the negative impact on biodiversity is permanent. To better understand, let's go back to basics: what is biodiversity? What are the threats to it?And what are the consequences in the event of its decline?
Then, we'll scrutinize DECATHLON's responsibility at different levels and the measures put in place.

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Meeting the challenges of plastic pollution in the oceans

With single-use plastic accounting for 60% of marine pollution, Decathlon is committed to achieving zero single-use plastic by 2026.