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Plastic pollution in the oceans, wood manufacturing, the notion of sustainability... Sustainable development is indeed the business of many subjects!

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What is the connection between the climate and biodiversity?

Climate change is disrupting life on earth. The climate and biodiversity are very closely connected to each other. 

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Will sustainability make way for the regenerative economy?

Sustainable development, strong sustainability, regeneration… Issues that continue to grow in importance. And over the years, concepts evolve.

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When DATA is at the service of sustainable development

When we mention DATA, we quickly think of either rooms full of servers, a slightly (too) airy-fairy vision of the cloud, or what's left on our mobile phone monthly bundle. But you will have guessed the concept of data is much broader than that, and it can even be helpful for working on your environmental impact …

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Does a cloth really travel around the world before it is bought?

In our wardrobes and wardrobes lie (very) frequent travellers. Without us even realising it, most of the clothes we buy have crossed several borders, sailed many seas, surveyed one, two or three continents, and travelled hundreds and hundreds of kilometres. 

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Is it possible to produce on a large scale while being "green"?

Like the rest of the economy, the textile sector must accelerate its ecological transition. But is this compatible with mass production?

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Why does it take so much water to make a cloth?

The production of a single T-shirt requires 2,700 litres of water, the equivalent of 70 showers. How do we actually achieve such volumes?

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Picking up litter when out running… is it even worth doing?#plogging

World Clean Up Day is in full swing in mid-September. An army of volunteers will be busy picking up litter. But what is the point of it?

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NFTs: what is there environmental impact?

You may have already noticed: big brands are already bringing out their first NFTs. What are we referring to? What's that got to do with the environment?

Illustration of oceans with fish
Illustration of oceans with fish

What is Oceans day?

Every June 8, you hear about this umpteenth international day. What is it? What is it for?

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Organic cotton, recycled cotton, conventional cotton or ordinary cotton?

Where does cotton come from? What are the disadvantages of cotton? Organic cotton or Oeko-Tex? We give you the facts, straight.

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What is a durable product?

Spoiler: if your big toe pokes a hole through your sock or your tyre punctures within the first few kilometres, they are not durable products.

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What is a renewable energy?

How do we define renewable energy?Petrol, wind power, gas, nuclear power, solar power… which source is said to be "renewable" and why?

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Using wood in product design

Wood is a natural material sought after for its qualities, which today is also recognised for the whole sustainable side that goes with it. With the arrival of DOMYOS' WOODBIKE, we propose taking a look in this article at the issues linked to this material.

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What impact does the carbon footprint have on us and our environment?

What is a carbon footprint? What impact do we have on it? And it on us? We will focus on its link with greenhouse gases, the climate and how we calculate it.

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Transition Plan 2020-2026

Our stakes and commitments for a more sustainable DECATHLON.
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Our commitments to meet the challenge of climate change

We are taking into account the reality of climate change. We work every day at reducing our impact on the environment in all our companies activities. We invite you, on this page, to understand the challenge that climate change represents, and why we are taking action to limit it.
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Biodiversity and DECATHLON

What is the link between our company and biodiversity? A lot more than you would imagine at first sight! We explain in full transparency.