Illustration de sportifs: coureurs, randonneurs et cyclistes

Communication :
DECATHLON does its comm !

Image : advertising poster from 1980.

From the slogan to the small screen, a look back at the DECATHLON advertising years !

Illustration de personnages de babyfoot

Why are we called decathlon ?

We have our idea. We now have to find our brand’s name. The gang of 7 begins to think, and they are not lacking on ideas: Pentathlon, Triathlon, Decathlon, Marathon, Sportland, Supermarket, etc. There's no doubt about it, it will be DECATHLON! Simply because decathlon brings together the 10 sports they want to present in their stores. 

Today, DECATHLON is still called DECATHLON, but gathers together far more than 10 sports under one roof 

Publicité avec des cyclistes

“full on fitness!” : the story behind our slogan

In 1980, the RSCG agency, headed by Jacques Séguéla, took charge of DECATHLON's communications. It offers one slogan per month, according to the season: full on cycling, in March; full on hiking, in April; full on tennis, in May, etc.

And September's slogan “Full on fitness!” ("A fond la forme!") Benoît Poizat, DECATHLON's communications officer, loves it so much that he decides to use it everywhere. Even today, everybody still loves it so the slogan lives on!

A slogan AND a jingle too : Timeless, our famous “TULULUTUTU TULULUTUTUjingle is used at the end of all our TV and radio spots since 1982. It's up to you to play and guess the notes that compose it!

Decathlon on the little screen

1985 : our first TV ad.
Scenario: in the heart of the jungle, an adventurous cyclist challenges Tarzan in a frenzied race. Lots of humour and a cultivated quirky tone in all of our commercials.

In pictures: (Re)see the first DECATHLON ad.

The evolution of our brand's identity

Logo decathlon 1976
Logo decathlon 1980
Logo decathlon 1990
Logo decathlon 2010
logo decathlon 2020

A new signature and a new logo for DECATHLON products. Our brand identity evolves!
Now each product will have a first and last name, presented as a co-signature. Let’s tell you more about it.

Photo d'une paire de chaussure avec le nom de la marque

Example of a signed name on a shoe.

The surname is always DECATHLON, our mark of trust. With it, we are committed to designing products:
#SPORTY for sportspeople
#RESPONSIBLE concerning their environmental impact
#FRIENDLY with our users
#ESSENTIAL with the best value/price

Photo d'une raquette de tennis

Example of a signed first name on a racket.

The first name symbolizes the passion for sport shared between our users and our designers.

For more unity, a single typography for all the first names of our sport’s brands!

Photo d'un masque covid decathlon

2020 : the DECATHLON mask will soon be in the stores. It is the first signed product with the new identity.

Bonus: it is eco-designed and made from excess fabric stock used for making DECATHLON cyclists and boardshorts.

Photo d'une équipe Decathlon en réunion

Did you know ?

The new DECATHLON identity is the result of teamwork. It was imagined, tested and validated by 95 designers, 220 DECATHLONIANS, 48 customers and 4 000 sportspeople, in France and around the world. In total, 6 workshops, 6 round-tables and 5 digital surveys were organised. Yes, all that!

Photo d'une équipe Decathlon en réunion

We keep telling you the story ?


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