Notre objectif : Émettre 20% de CO2 en moins (par rapport à 2021)

Our target for 2026: to reduce our absolute CO2 eq. emissions by 20% (compared with 2021)

Saving energy, favouring renewable energies, creating products that last longer, repairing more, reusing... Yes, we have some great challenges ahead of us.

If you want to get involved too, you can do your bit by taking part in environmental awareness activities with your local DECATHLON and by looking into the benefits of active mobility.

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Our 3 main levers for action

Notre objectif

all our activities with our suppliers.

Because a large proportion of our emissions come from production, using energy from renewable sources is essential to reducing our CO₂ impact.

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our products to reduce their impact.

Because a large proportion of our greenhouse gas emissions come from the manufacturing of our products, we are designing them to reduce their impact.

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our products and embrace a circular economy.

Because we need to find other solutions to reduce our impact: repair, hire, resell... But also work on the sustainability of our products, right from their design.

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Because you too can make a difference.

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in environmental awareness events.

These events can take on the form of global demonstrations with many people taking action over a day, a week or on a one-off basis.

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by preferring active mobility.

A real challenge: customers (and teammates) travelling to stores accounted for 12.2% of our CO2 emissions in 2022.

You too can make a difference!

about our actions.

How can we achieve this 20% reduction? What will be at stake?
What are our main challenges?

Decarbonise all our activities with our suppliers

Design our products to reduce their impact

Circularise our products and embrace a circular economy

Move around by preferring active mobility

Take part in environmental awareness events

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Transition Plan 2020-2026

Our stakes and commitments for a more sustainable DECATHLON.
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DECATHLON Annual sustainable development reports

Non-financial reporting statements since 2013, Due diligence plans since 2017 and Modern slavery statements.
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Our environmental challenges

Biodiversity, climate and plastic pollution in the ocean: 3 issues that DECATHLON are working on in particular. Why these? How?
The life of our products

The life of our products

From ideas to the end of their lifespan:there's a whole story that goes with DECATHLON sports products!