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Legal documents

Codes of conduct, List of restricted substances, Responsible sourcing of materials statement and Green Consumption Pledge.

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Code of conduct

At DECATHLON we adhere to these values:
- Universal Declaration of Human rights
- International Labour Organisation Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
- United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
- United Nations Convention against corruption
- OCDE Standards and Guiding Principle on Responsible Business Conduct.
As well as all the national and international rules applicable to exercising ethical and responsible conduct.

We advocate these values and principles, and advise our suppliers, service providers and our commercial partners to adhere and respect these.
These Codes of conduct describe the minimum standards in terms of fair, safe and healthy working conditions, environmental management and preventing corruption. Feel free to download them to find out more.

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Human Rights Policy

At Decathlon, we play on a global playing field. As one team, we believe that everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity, fairness, equality, and respect. Be it through our own operations or sphere of influence along our value chain, we have a responsibility to respect human rights in order to advance an overall good for people, the planet, and our business. 

Committed to internationally recognized human rights standards and the advancement of a sustainable future, we put people at the center of our approach to promote vitality, generosity, responsibility and authenticity.

This vision is anchored in our Human Rights Policy, which clearly defines our commitment to actively engage on relevant human rights issues while also outlining our approach and ambitions regarding the implementation of a targeted human rights strategy, that will seek to continuously improve our established human rights due diligence mechanisms. It's a testament to our ambition to accelerate the positive impact Decathlon can have in the world.

Ethical Recruitment Guidelines

These Guidelines are meant to support suppliers to hire workers lawfully and in a fair and transparent manner that respects and protects their dignity and human rights. This document draws from international standards aiming at preventing workers' exploitation and forced labour.

Dormitory guidelines

The objective of these guidelines is to ensure freedom of movement and a healthy living environment for workers housed in dormitories, preventing elements of forced labor. This document promotes uniform social compliance standards for dormitories managed by Decathlon's supply chain partners to house their workforce. These guidelines are based on the requirements of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

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These lists help to ensure users’ safety, as well as workers' health and safety in factories.They also aim to reduce pollution at a local level and the impact on the populations living in the area surrounding the factories.

Responsible sourcing of materials statement

As part of our activities, we at DECATHLON are committed to using more and more responsibly sourced materials that respect human rights and safety at work, while improving our impact on the environment, biodiversity and animal welfare.
You'll find our statements relating to cotton, wool, down, leather and wood. These statements are an integral part of our code of conduct. Our suppliers must comply with and take them into account within their supply chain.

Depending on DECATHLON's activities and external issues, these statements are subject to revisions.

Sustainable consumption pledge

As part of the Green Deal, and its objective to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the European Commission is launching the Sustainable Consumption Pledge pilot project.

It brings together a number of companies from different business sectors that are making concrete commitments to reduce their carbon footprint and offer European consumers more responsible and sustainable solutions.

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Sustainable food transition : code of conduct

Food and sport are the two pillars of health, which is why Decathlon Nutrition wants to offer nutrition products adapted to each need and respectful of the planet. Aware that the food transition is one of the major challenges to be taken up by the world in the coming years, Decathlon Nutrition wishes to be involved in this sustainable food transition.

Fully committed, we have decided to sign the European Union Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Marketing and Commercial Practices. This Code defines the actions that the actors "between the farm and the fork" voluntarily commit to undertake in order to improve and communicate in a tangible way their performance in terms of sustainability.

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Conducting environmental audits - DECATHLON's audit system

Why do we carry out audits of environmental standards? At what type of suppliers do we perform environmental audits?

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Chemical hazards in manufacturing

Chemical products, from plastic to clothing, including packaging, are at the centre of manufacturing.So how can we reduce the hazards?

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Decathlon and combating forced labour

We interviewed Krishna KUMAAR DHAMODARAN, a production team leader and expert in combating forced labour.

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Biodiversity and DECATHLON

What is the link between our company and biodiversity? A lot more than you would imagine at first sight! We explain in full transparency.