In the meantime, we present some of our 2019 highlights

60,1% of the products have an environmental labelling (30,1% in 2018).

95% of our coton is coming from more sustainable sources (+25% vs 2018).

86% of our Rank 1 suppliersare rated A, B or C on their Human Responsibility in Production (Stable vs 2018).

A Sustainable Reporting is implemented in our stores in 5 countries. It measures the economical results coming from second-life products, repair workshops and eco-designed products.

Our Target on our C02 emissions decrease is validated by the Science Based Target initiative. It includes our actions towards our suppliers.
Our goal :-40% intensity carbon per product sold, between 2016 et 2026.

At the same time our CO2 intensity increase of +1,2% (compared to 2016 year). We have to go faster on Renewable energies, everywhere in the world and in our logistics choices, for example in the choices for transporting our products