The glossary

Polyester, polyamide, polyester, cotton... recycled cotton, cellulose fibre, Lyocell or even solution dyed, the world of Eco-design is not always a piece of cake. We have put this glossary together to help you navigate your way through Eco-design.

behind the scenes of Eco-design
Cold pad batch
Organic cotton
Recycled cotton
Solution dyed
Waterless dyeing
Cellulose fibres (lyocell, modal, ecovero, refibra)
Recycled wool
Recycled polyester
Recycled polyamide
Recycled polypropylene
Clothing mix

Why has decathlon set itself the challenge of eco-designing?

As a technical product designer, the majority of our CO₂ impact comes from manufacturing these sports goods. We have to take action at the products' design stage and subsequently ensure an impact at the design, manufacturing phases... but also in terms of lifespan.

Our design teams are working on developing processes that will let us reduce a product's impact, while preserving its technical features. At DECATHLON, for a product to be "Eco-designed," it has to reduce its impact by at least 10% (compared to the previous model) for the following indicators: climate change, air pollution, water pollution and resource depletion.

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