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Sport has so much to give us!

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The foundation's origins

The DECATHLON Foundation has been our teammates' project since 2005. A project they are still proudly supporting. Originally, a survey in 2004 asked their opinion about the creation of a foundation. There was unanimous enthusiasm! The DECATHLON foundation sees the light of day.

Its main mission is evident: support the most vulnerable and make sport a vehicle for social integration, as well as a way of remaining fit and healthy. All while taking real action all over the world.

What is the DEC foundation's mission ? 

With the DECATHLON Foundation, our teammates get involved to make things happen. They support loud and clear our main mission: “To Sustainably make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to the many”. Sports everywhere and for everyone !

The role of our Foundation is also to accompany teammates that are already committed to socially responsible projects. And spark new individual or collective initiatives to have a positive impact on our local ecosystem, on our planet and our relation with others.

Above all, human beings are the heart of our mission. Those we support through our projects are our neighbours. Just like us, they love sport. It's up to us to promote sharing. And see to it that sport is a way for everyone to gain confidence, get into better physical shape and boost morale.

Here are a few examples :

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    “Kampuchea balopp" project

    Socially integrate youngsters living on rubbish dumps through rugby - Phnom Penh (Cambodia), since 2014.

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    “Sport really for all" project

    Develop access to sport in schools in India, since 2014.

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    “Lighthouse" project

    Develop sport in rural areas in the Shanghai region (China), since 2008.

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    “Sport really for all" project

    Socially integrate youngsters from the favelas through sport in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), since 2005.

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Did you know ?

The DECATHLON Foundation is currently 30 to 40 projects a year! Supporting more than 500 projects in 50 countries since 2005. And more than 400,000 children, women and men in vulnerable situations have benefited from DECATHLON Foundation projects.

We continue to make you discover DECATHLON?

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Our story

What is the story of DECATHLON? The key dates? who are the founders? How was DECATHLON born? the stages of DECATHLON communication?

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Our environmental challenges

Biodiversity, climate and plastic pollution in the ocean: 3 issues that DECATHLON are working on in particular. Why these? How?

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Our magazine Sustainability

Plastic pollution in the oceans, wood manufacturing, the notion of sustainability... Sustainable development is indeed the business of many subjects!

What action plan is needed to reduce absolute CO2 eq emissions?

What action plan is needed to reduce absolute CO2 eq emissions?

DECATHLON commits to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 42% by 2030 from a 2021 base year. Decathlon also commits to reduce absolute scope 3 GHG emissions 42% within the same timeframe.