A long-lasting relationship

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Getting your feedback, getting your impressions, talking to you, sharing a passion we have in common, supporting, motivating and helping… Experiencing DECATHLON doesn't stop at buying a product.

Satisfied or satisfied is our priority

When you post a review about one of our products or one of our services, everything is sent to the teams directly concerned (product manager, store manager...). We are committed to answering 100% of negative reviews.
Your feedback is important to us and contributes to improving the quality of the products and services we offer you!

And to prove your feedback matters, if one of our products is rated below ⅗, the item is withdrawn from sale to make improvements. And for products with a rating lower than 3.5/5, we promise to continually make improvements to make you satisfied.

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A product's lifespan doesn't stop once it's purchased

We offer several solutions to prolong your story with our products because a backpack or a bike's lifespan doesn't stop once you no longer need it or when it's damaged.

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decathlon coaching

Supporting and connecting sports users: get our coaching!

We love sport. We would like to get you motivated to do some. And guide you when you’re doing your activity. To do this, we've imagined and put online several websites and apps, all suitable for the needs and wishes of both the child and adult sports users.

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Did you know?

Each year, in September, we organise the Vitalsport.
What is it? A unique event for discovering sport. On the menu: more than 100 participating French stores, dozens of sports, workshops supervised by qualified instructors.The event is free, open to all. And it is part of the “Feel sporty” system, set up by the French Ministry of Sports. Vitalsport lets you to have fun time sharing and discovering clubs and associations in your area and choose your sports activity of the year!

The decathlon foundation, sport has so much to offer

Since 2005, the DECATHLON Foundation supports teammates who want to get involved locally in social initiatives that combine sport, health, education and employability.

The DECATHLON foundation provides funds for social initiatives through sustainable investments dedicated to sports pitches, fitting out indoor sports facilities, sports equipment or even training for sports jobs.

The project is coordinated day-to-day by the Decathlonians themselves who co-wrote the project, taking part in the events. The Foundation is, therefore, the convergence of human, sports and solidarity values.

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Want to look deeper into what we are doing?

We want you to understand how we operate but it's not easy trying to get the balance right between keeping explanations simple and wanting to explain everything in detail. If you want to find out more, feel free to take a look at our Non-Financial Reporting Statement. It's an inventory, published each year, of all the initiatives that are leading to sustainable progress. 

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