Picture pattern drawings

Technical formalities and industrial prototypes

The technical, sensory and aesthetic choices are approved! The product is functional with the right materials, the right colours, the right graphic design, etc. Our teams have taken decisions about the price and the manufacturing location.

Next step: formalising the request. And providing the supplier with a technical file to start the industrial prototyping.

The technical file

This involves real teamwork!

Each member of the team takes part in drafting the technical file. Here are some examples:

→ The product engineer completes the future product's list of components. This is referred to, in the jargon, as the BOM: Bill of Materials. By sending this list to the DECATHLON teams in different countries, we can get detailed information about the price, the manufacturing lead times, etc.

→ The packaging engineer creates the packaging and provides all the technical details for its mass production. Good to know: the industrial prototype includes the product and its packaging. It is more practical for anticipating manufacturing costs and saves time.

→ The garment maker formalizes the pattern cutting when it's for a clothing product. She or he creates the assembly instructions, including the design rules to comply with. This is all done working collaboratively with the methods engineers or the prototype maker.

→ The mechanical design engineer puts together the mould's 3D plans required to make the prototype. It provides detailed technical specifications for producing the mould.

→ The designer specifies their aesthetic intentions, in other words what they want the product to look like. The best aesthetic intentions are selected with the other members of the team. Then they prepare the technical file with among other things, the dimensions, the colours, in tandem with the product engineer.

  • Research drawing for a bike light

    Research drawing for a bike light.

  • $Research drawing for a trekking tent

    Research drawing for a trekking tent. 

  • Drawing to 3D rain jacket

    From drawing to 3D.

Once it matches with the approved specifications, the elements are sent to the supplier. 
And we then patiently wait until the industrial prototype arrives!

Draft drawing cycling shirt

Did you know?

Botching a product's design is out of the question! If all the steps were not approved in time, the product is pushed back to the following season.

Next step

Photo de trois homme en conceptualisation de produits

Final prototypes and last tests!

Our team of designers has formalised the industrial prototype's request. The technical file is ready. Next step: meet our suppliers to discuss and go over the final details before launching the industrial prototypes and manufacturing.