The #ZeroProductsDiscarded initiative began in 2018 based on an observation: addressing the challenge of discarded sporting equipment must be done locally to be effective.

Waste is something tangible and concrete that our Decathlon teammates want to change. It presents certain dilemmas as well, with store requirements like customer safety and service quality on the one hand and the need to act urgently to preserve the environment on the other. We need to get our teams and users on board through motivating approaches that are easy to implement.

That is why #ZeroProductsDiscarded has two parts:

 One part involves an experimental laboratory that catalogues types of products and the reasons they are not sold, and looks for suitable solutions that can be easily implemented on the ground (sorting, repairing, recycling, donating, etc.) to answer the questions: “What attitude should we adopt in each case?” and “How can we roll out each solution in as many stores as possible?”.

The second involves an awareness campaign called #ItStartsWithUs that aims to inform our Decathlon teams, engage a conversation, inspire new practices and make people want to effect change. In 2018 a total of 400 people (Design and Central Services teams based in the greater Lille area) took part in this initiative.

The purpose of the program is to understand what gets discarded in stores to manage the products being returned today, and to find effective solutions to prevent discarding products in the future.

All five Decathlon stores in the greater Lille area have committed to ending the practice of discarding sporting goods by 2019.