Optimising our waste

Decathlon is endeavouring to reduce the amount of waste it generates and to increase the quantity of sorted and recovered waste.

A lot of waste is sorted each day by our store teams, brand sites, core network services and warehouses; notably paper and cardboard, plastics, metal and wood.

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« Building the network »

Although some countries have set up a clearly defined waste management system in collaboration with specific service providers, many others have yet to reach a similar level of maturity. For them, our environmental project managers are encouraging the creation of a network of autonomous and responsible leaders in order to duplicate the existing energy consumption management system.

Over and above the banner’s contribution to recovering its own waste, some Passion Brands are developing products produced using recycled materials.

“Our goal is to recycle 100% of our in-store waste”.

Iñigo Garcia
Iñigo Garcia
Environmental Manager for Spain

Let's act together, team mates and customers

A number of actions see the light of day including the extremely successful Spanish beach clean-up operation.

Thanks to the motivation and commitment of our collaborators and over 3,000 customers, 20 tonnes of waste were collected and 2,500 trees planted.

Photo: Photo of the Customer Input Event (CIE) to mobilise collaborators and customers for the Spanish beach clean-up operation in 2015.

Focus on
« The best practice from Turkey »

Staff in Turkey decided to stop handing out “free” shopping bags in December 2015. Our Turkish collaborators wanted to limit the volume of waste generated by the bags and make Decathlon one of the first companies in Turkey to take such a symbolic decision to help protect the environment.