Maintaining long-term relationships

Decathlon entrusts the production of our sports articles to a panel of suppliers organised by industrial process. Our local production teams, operating from Decathlon’s production offices, are in charge of day-to-day supplier relations. With our suppliers, we share a desire to deliver the best possible value for money by working closely together using a common framework based on respect, team development, quality and environmental preservation.

The variety of manufacturing processes associated with our diverse range of products (textiles, heaving stitching, electronics, metal equipment, etc.) means that our supply chain is extremely complex, for instance when it comes to quality control, volume and expanded accountability.

By 2026, we hope to address this complexity through increased collaboration and transparency with the 150 partner suppliers who will be manufacturing 80% of our product quantities. We already had 45 partners by the end of 2018.


We pursued our partner supplier strategy, which calls for relationships based on collaboration and transparency. We went from 35 to 45 partners.

We doubled down on our commitment to sustainable development in the skills base for our purchasers.

We implemented a skills self-assessment system: all of those involved in production can take charge of their own professional development.

86% of our panel of suppliers have an A, B or C rating, and for our partner suppliers it is 96%: we continued to apply our human responsibility in production continuous improvement methods to our panel of suppliers.