“Preserve to protect” provides a clear illustration of Vision 2026

In June 2017, 150 teammates met to discuss the importance of environmental challenges and avenues for action during for the second “Preserve to Protect” event, held at the Kipstadium (Tourcoing, France).

Presentations were given on 14 initiatives developed by our teammates to inform, inspire, motivate and connect people who want to be agents of change: unsold merchandise donation projects, biodiversity projects (vegetable gardens, beehives, etc. near warehouses and stores), cleaning and picking up litter while playing sport, etc.

The goal is to encourage environmental commitments and to get teammates excited about taking initiative in the sectors where they work, promoting intrapreneurship. The major development that came out of this event was that action is being taken across a wide variety of company activities: logistics, production, warehousing, etc.

Focus on environmental innovation at the third Quechua Inn’spire Day

In September 2017, the third Inn’spire Day was held at Decathlon’s Mountain Store in Sallanches (France). This year’s theme was environmental innovation.

Three hundred people attended a range of lectures and debates where they exchanged ideas and worked together on building solutions. Participants included:

Gunter Pauli, entrepreneur, author of The Blue Economy

CEEBIOS, a Biomimetics centre of excellence

Circul’R, a consultancy firm focused on the circular economy

Air, a consultancy firm specialised in eco-innovation

The event included “learning moments” and “battles” that led participants to reflect on themes such as: “Can we design sport products without using chemicals or petroleum-based materials? How? What innovation pathways can we follow? What new materials and technologies can we explore?” and “What’s the difference between communicating about our eco-design products and greenwashing?”.

An internal forum for sharing best practices

For the second year in a row, the “Component Forum” was held on 13 and 14 September, with close to 200 teammates in attendance. The purpose of the forum is to present, describe and promote new components and industrial processes internally. Sustainable Development played a central role in this two-day event, both in terms of how it was organised (setting up stands, handling key moments of the day, etc.) and what was discussed: eco-responsible materials and more sustainable transformation processes that use less energy and fewer natural resources.

It’s our job to help teammates put sustainable development principles into action and live their convictions out every day with Decathlon. 

Raffaele DUBY
Raffaele DUBY
Product and Design Environment Leader