Staying Alive

Innovation Lovers for the Happiness of Sportspeople, that is the purpose that drives Decathlon’s teammates and the key to making sport accessible to the many. Innovation is therefore omni-present as part of Decathlon’s strategy. To encourage and promote innovation culture both internally and externally, a 400m2 space dedicated to exploration and innovation, ALIVE, was opened on October 1st 2015.

Few figures about ALIVE
« Jugaad, frugal innovation »

The Indian term of ‘Jugaad’ is all about finding smart, straightforward and innovative solutions using as few resources as possible.
Indeed, for many populations around the world, when you don’t have much at your disposal, you have to make do with what you have. For today’s multinational companies like Decathlon, it can be very complicated, difficult, uncertain and expensive to innovate. Therefore, one solution could be ‘Jugaad’, which targets simplicity.

“The objective of ALIVE is to accelerate the potential of innovation by giving team mates the right methods and tools to transform their ideas into reality.”

Vincent Ventenat
Vincent Ventenat
Innovation Leader at Decathlon

Open to everyone, ALIVE is a catalyst for innovation

There is a real ‘people’ purpose about Alive (which means ‘All Living Innovation Values Everyday’) as it was co-created to answer the company’s needs in terms of innovation. ALIVE is focused on people. It’s an area where people can dare to be themselves and turn their ideas into reality.


Arpenaz 10 litre backpack, a good exemple of co-innovation

An example of using co-innovation to get different industrial processes to work together in order to render our products more accessible is the Arpenaz 10 litre back-pack. By using this method, we were able to reduce the number of stitched panels from 21 to 8. By doing so, we need less materials and assembly lines to make the bag, and we increased the number of articles per box for shipping.

– Time to produce: – 25 %
– Number of quantities in a box: from 40 to 70
– Price in store: – 40 %
-Quantities sold: + 75 %

The new Arpenaz 10 backpack was Decathlon’s best selling product of 2015.

Wedze innovation with 2Warm product

A single base layer for all weather!

Every innovation is the result of observing and listening
to the needs of snow sport enthusiasts. Our innovative
products provide simple and efficient solutions to snow
sport-related problems. In a world that is often cold and
hostile, Wedze guarantees optimum warmth and comfort.

Wedze has developed a test laboratory in the heart of the
Mont-Blanc region, specifically for ski and snowboarding
equipment. This close proximity to the design teams mean
than the laboratory can quickly conduct a large number of
tests resulting in greater efficiency and improved response

A warm, soft turtleneck to ensure comfort when skiing
or snowboarding, combined with bright colours, in a
ski-inspired design, make 2Warm this season’s
must-have garment.

Link to the product

“When they start out, members start as users, then they become testers, then we hire them !”

Vincent Textoris
Vincent Textoris
Decathlon Creation Leader

Decathlon Creation

On April 1st 2015, Decathlon opened its crowd-sourcing platform, simply named ‘Decathlon Creation’. The idea is simple: anyone can submit their creative idea to the community, and if the idea is popular amongst members, the goal is then to transform the idea into an innovative sports product. Since the platform was launched, 28 individual projects have been proposed for our passion brands to work on.

Since the idea took off, the community already numbers 10,000 members. Two-thirds of members are men, 60% are French, the remaining 40% are from one of ten countries that have opened the Decathlon Creation platform outside of France. The goal is to increase the number of members that are not from Decathlon*, and to open the platform in China.

*Half of actual members are employed in Decathlon.

« Co-creation »

“We had run a competition to design a football. A local 9 year old boy called Maxence took part. He was really motivated, and had designed a football with a very colourful logo. We decided to invite him into Kipsta’s labs to show him how we make footballs. As a surprise, we had made his football just for him, a limited edition of 1 unique ball, the ball Maxence had designed, just for him.”
Vincent Textoris, Decathlon Creation Leader