The origin of Decathlon’s feathers

To know where and in which conditions our feathers come from is a key question for Decathlon.

That’s why we are working with suppliers that respect decent farming conditions (no cruelty or force-feeding) for geese and ducks. They do not conduct the removal of feathers on live animals. Down and feathers are collected after the slaughter of ducks and geese raised for meat.

All our down and feathers are raw materials from the Chinese agro-chemistry industry.

Focus on
« Forclaz, trekking brand of Decathlon and its feather products »

Engaged in the sustainable development cause, the Forclaz brand took the opportunity to embed its responsibility values, and commercial strategies, by certifying all feathers in their down jackets.

From 2019, Forclaz will exclusively works with RDS certified (Responsible Down Standard Certified).

More information :

“In accordance with our continuous improvement approach, our ambition is to extend the RDS certification to the whole feathers products in Decathlon. The label ensures the raw materials traceability from farms to stores, and meets our requirements on animal welfare.”

Ronan Le Moguen
Ronan Le Moguen
Operational Process Manager