Repairability, workshops at your service

Decathlon gives its customers the opportunity to use its products as long as possible.

The Passion brands create dedicated services to help customers repair their products themselves or provides solutions to get them repaired.

Key figures
in 2015

the Decathlon Workshops are centre dedicated to the repairability of our Passion brands products

Repairing our products
The repair rate for Passion brand products has increased by more than 20% over the last 3 years.

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Customer Satisfaction for Workshop services
Focus on
« Trocathlon, collaborative economy »

It’s sharing, exchanging, making savings!
Born in 1986, albeit initially as a way to get people to come back to the store more often, the consumption of second-hand products is entering a new era, the era of the collaborative economy and shows an increasing trend.
The principle of which is based on re-use, recycling and recuperation.

“It’s on average 3,6 times cheaper to repair a sports product than it is to throw it away.”

Axel Amblard
Axel Amblard
Decathlon Workshop Leader

Trocathlon celebrates its 30th birthday !

As Decathlon turns 40, it’s Trocathlon concept turns 30.

In France, every year at least 21 billion euros are spent on sporting goods, and people are seeking new ways of getting more use from their products, and cheaper ways of getting what they need.

Trocathlon evolutions

In 2015, the Trocathlon concept innovated, adapting to the changing needs of our customers, with the launch of the website concept.

Now customers in France can buy and sell second hand sports items online whilst benefitting from Decathlon’s guarantees. Online, users can filter their searches by price, or search by sport. The experience is safe, and easy to use. Decathlon teams are on hand to advise customers in stores across customers, not just across France, but also in other European countries too.