What is Environmental labelling?

Environmental labelling covers all information for the public concerning the environmental impact of a product or service.
The information may be presented using a label, in text form, a logo or pictogram.

ABCDE: a new barometer

At Decathlon, we opted for the pictogram solution to represent a rating of A to E. This format uses colour-coding that is well known by the general public since it is already used for household electrical appliances and in the automobile industry.

For a responsible consumption

With this large-scale project that was set up in 2009, Decathlon clearly displays its aim to inform customers of the environmental performance of its products. By giving this information, we offer them the opportunity to apply this criterion when making a purchase and encourage them to consume responsibly.

Our objective is threefold:
– Encourage collaborators to work on reducing the environmental impacts of their products and services by integrating an eco-design initiative.
– Communicate in-store and on-line, in every country, information that enables customers to apply this environmental criterion when making a purchase.
– Promote the labelling by detailing and sharing our methods with other market players and the public authorities.