Developing skills and uncovering talent

At Decathlon, “enriching people through responsibility” is at the heart of our human strategies. To help them in this direction, we have come up with an individual training plan relating to their particular area of activity, and our Decathlon Exchange training centres are set up to deliver management and personal development training courses. They also have an e-learning platform that can be used to further their knowledge and understanding.

Training at Decathlon
in 2016

A summary

• We opened a fifth Decathlon Exchange training centre in Vietnam.

• We raised awareness of sustainable development issues among our teammates by holding two events organised for this very purpose.

Teammates say that they take responsibility for their own development and learning.

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« Mylo: the international learning platform »

To enrich its teammates’ training pathway, Decathlon has made an online training platform available, called Mylo (My learning online).

By digitising some of the content from around 10,000 training courses, Decathlon is helping to make its teammates more independent and autonomous when it comes to learning, assessing their own knowledge and developing their skills.

34,273 teammates took at least one e-learning course in 2016.

Ready for responsability

Ready for responsibility! Ever since 2005 at Decathlon Exchange, “each person has been developing their selfconfidence in order to be ready to lead.” Such is the purpose of our five in-house training centres dedicated to management, the latest of which opened its doors in Vietnam in 2016. Around fifty people are constantly innovating to co-create the managerial practices of the future. Their role also involves promoting Decathlon’s purpose and values, so as to spread the company culture far and wide, within the context of international expansion. The training courses focus on six key themes:

• management;

• personal development;

• collaboration;

• values and intentions;

• coaching;

• skills.

Various learning formats are available, including training courses, learning expeditions, sharing events, workshops and libraries.