Well-being, our mission

Decathlon considers that personal health and safety constitutes a priority in terms of its responsibilities.
Decathlon’s mission is particularly focused on well-being, in keeping with its aim of encouraging everyone to enjoy sport. As frontline ambassadors for this message, employees are particularly receptive and the company does all it can to motivate them in this way.

Various tools (management, training, prevention, risk management, etc.) exist in order to ensure everyone’s personal safety, and this issue has been the subject of increasing attention for the teams working in the Workshops, warehouses and Decathlon-owned factories, where working conditions pose greater risks.
Each country gives its new employees full workplace safety training when they join (thanks to an e-learning platform and a series of other tools adapted by each specific country and sector).

Key figures
« A safety officer »

A safety officer supervises each store and warehouse daily, and takes decisions on safety issues, such as secure building entries and exits, evacuation, customer and employee assistance in the event of an incident, etc. Employees in this role receive prior training (evacuation, first aid, first responders, etc.) studying both the theory and the required practical skills.

“At Decathlon SportsLab, we hope to bring our “body and mind” user approach to all our teams worldwide, by sharing with our employees good practices that we have observed by watching people play sport”.

Alexandre Abad
Alexandre Abad
SportsLab Leader at Decathlon

Decathlon France launched Decathlon’s “blue number”

Launched on 1 December 2015, a telephone number known as the “numéro bleu” (blue number) aims to provide support for employees in difficulty (guaranteeing full anonymity if the employee so wishes), who can call it to request help with their day to day lives.
Any employee, colleague or manager in need of help, support or advice to resolve either a difficult personal (health, accommodation, finance, etc.) or a professional (workplace stress, harassment, post traumatic event management, etc.) situation can use this telephone number.

On the other end of the line is a network of external professional social workers covering the whole of France, and trained to listen and advise employees, and even visit them at their workplace if necessary.

Good practices to prevent accidents at work

In 2015, three meetings were held to share good practices among country managers responsible for risk and crisis management.

For example, AML, Decathlon’s French cycle manufacturing workshop, has introduced the concept of short warm-ups and stretches before commencing work. Also at AML, workstations are rotated three to five times a day, to prevent repetitive strain injuries and preserve our employees’ health.

In some stores, cycle stocks have been moved off the shelves in order to better promote them. In 2015, a study was carried out with a firm of ergonomics experts, to develop an effective system properly suited to employees’ working conditions.

« Explosion in Tianjin, an example of unparalleled crisis management »

On 12 August 2015, a chemical warehouse in Tianjin (a port city in northern China) exploded, releasing a cloud of toxic smoke.

A Decathlon store lies 2.5km from the explosion site, and within the affected area. This risk was unforeseen and the company had no precedent in this regard. Local managers and safety officers coordinated their efforts to ensure firstly that all employees were safe, supported by the teams responsible for toxicology and those in charge of customs. The store was evacuated immediately and closed for analysis (by a team from Veritas), before the damage was repaired.

During this period, nearby stores accommodated teams from the Tianjin store; relocation assistance was also organised for those requiring it.

Normal service was resumed at the store a few weeks later, in an environment that was as good as new and completely safe for the teams. This dramatic event is now used as an example to demonstrate Decathlon team’s expertise: employees who knew how to respond and coordinate themselves in the interests of employee safety.