Putting people at the heart of our growth

At Decathlon, on of our strength is prioritising the personal and professional fulfilment of our teammates and making them our focus. By giving each person responsibilities, we are strengthening both their commitment and their enjoyment at work.

To ensure that Decathlon grows and develops, we are prioritising internal mobility and offering teams ad hoc tools and processes. In countries where we already operate, our reputation makes recruitment easier, while in countries where we are not yet fully established, we are adopting different, more innovative ways of attracting the best candidates. The diversity of the various business activities and countries that Decathlon operates in means numerous opportunities for career development and geographic mobility.

People at Decathlon
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A summary

• We are trialling collaborative recruitment processes, whereby an entire team is consulted when hiring a potential team member.

• We have made our “Talent” platform available to teammates, so that they can enhance their skills and publicise these within the business.

• We reaffirmed our view that sport is vital for a balanced way of life, and encourage people to play sport during the week.

Teammates say that they enjoy coming work
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« Developing our employees and supporting talent »

So that they can interconnect, and share their skills and their professional ambitions, teammates can log on to “Talent”, the company’s employee platform. 12,000 teammates connected via this network in 2016. And now, with “Joboffers”, an intranet portal site featuring vacancies available within the company, they can view internal mission opportunities and take control of their career development. In December 2016, there were 489 active job offers on the site. Since launching in 2013, over 4,000 jobs have been published, and we’ve recorded more than 500,000 visits.

Everyone's a recruiter !

At Decathlon, recruiters and candidates decide to work together, because of a shared passion for sport, retail and the common values of vitality and responsibility. In 2016, 13,114 teammates were hired worldwide, on permanent contracts.

With collaborative recruitment, the whole team's involved!
Meeting with JOANNA MOELO
Fouganza leader

Collaborative recruitment is all about matching the teammates suitable for the vacancy so that together they can determine their criteria, publish the job advert and select the best candidates.

Interview with Joanna Moelo, selected by her team to be a Fouganza leader.

What is the point of the collaborative recruitment process?
This method encourages candidates to get to know each other and promotes involvement by
optimising the appointment of the new leader through collective participation.
So, does working together tend to lengthen the whole process?
The team took less than 6 months to choose its new leader by anonymous vote, after
meeting three of the 11 applicants.
How did you find this experience?
I was already Fouganza product manager and I hesitated a lot before applying, wondering
whether I was "the right person”. Did I have enough experience? In the end, I felt happy
about the process and went for it! Even though my appointment wasn't unanimous, it's quite
something to be chosen by your own team!

Female leadership !

In 2016, 300 women took part in a female leadership training course. The Essenc’IL’ELLE community was launched on our internal social network as a way of encouraging these discussions, and suggesting brainstorming workshops, conferences, articles and good practices. A “Day for Women” is also organised every year, aimed at discussing the place of women in the company and drawing up an action plan.

Beyond generations

Seniors at Decathlon are teammates over the age of 55. They represent the business’ history, and are synonymous with long service and expertise. That’s why we’re offering them training sessions to help them become mentors themselves, and pass on their skills to other, less experienced teammates. A third agreement to this effect was signed with social partners in 2016.