Team mates first

Decathlon employees operate within an open organisational model, in constant contact with customers and subcontractors. We are constantly looking for continuous improvement initiatives capable of creating the best added value for our customers. Relations between a manager and their employees are one of the main keys to our management system, where everyone is responsible for their own career project, by demonstrating both technical and people-focused skills on the ground.

Recruiting people who are passionate about Sport
“I enjoy coming to work”
"We play sport and celebrate our victories together"
Permanent contract
A company that’s great to work for !
Focus on
« Sport, essential recruitment criteria »

Decathlon acts on all fronts to make it easier for its employees to play sport and enjoy physical activity. One of the fundamentals shared by all employees is playing sport during or outside working hours, either alone or as part of a get-together. It’s an excellent means for strengthening cohesion and creating links outside the usual areas of work-related discussions – not to mention a clever way to test out our products!

Depending on the country, Decathlon gives its employees help in buying equipment by issuing them with a discount card (giving them between 5% and 25% off, depending on the items and the country concerned), and may also refund certain sports activities (through employee representative committees in France).

“Recruiting is all about choosing people who will fit into the business long-term. It’s one of the most important responsibilities, in the interests of everyone’s well-being and performance.”

Nathalie Tiberghien
Nathalie Tiberghien
HR Manager

Career management: innovative methods !


Ever since 2013, employees the world over have had access to a dedicated intranet portal that displays all current job vacancies within the business. With this tool, an employee is able to apply to any internal job advert by informing their superior, thereby championing positive ambition and taking control of their own career path.

In 2015, several teams experimented with collaborative nomination in order to appoint their new manager. The mission itself and the soft and hard skills inherent in such a process are drawn up collectively. The advert is published internally, and applicants submit their project and vision of the role, before a vote is organised to allocate the right applicant to the job.

Similarly, some teams trialled collaborative recruitment, in which responsibility for recruiting a future colleague is no longer the sole task of the manager but one shared with the entire team, who make the decisions on each candidate.

Decathlon, lots of opportunities for many different jobs !

In the countries where our company is already known, recruitment is made easier because the business and our brand image already enjoy a recognised profile and mindshare. Our policy is targeted and direct, and relayed by communication in store or online.

We are developing partnerships with universities in the various countries where we operate. The diversity of the various business activities and countries in which Decathlon operates means numerous opportunities for career development and geographic mobility.
As designer of its own products, Decathlon is developing a concrete international manufacturing project and hiring engineers, buyers and production managers.

Decathlon helps emerging countries by bringing skills

In the new areas where we are setting up our operations, our first aim is to get our brand known. In this initial pioneering phase, mature countries can help emerging ones to grow by supplying them with people with recognisable skills and who are capable of conveying the company culture and our people-centric fundamentals, and of recruiting local teams and enabling them to flourish.

This has been the case for French, UK and Spanish store directors who, in 2015, were expatriated to India to help get their local project off the ground. Thailand and Mexico also use recognised specialists to boost their development.

Focus on
« Our Passion Brands, a playing field of their own »

Some of our Passion Brands have their own base camps (Quechua, Tribord, Kipsta, etc.). Ideally, they are set up by their teams in locations considered to be suitable for that particular sport, and close to manufacturing facilities wherever possible. Such is the case of climbing brand Simond, located in Les Houches near Chamonix, at the foot of the mountains, and boasting its own climbing equipment production site.