Delivering health and safety

In 2016, a survey conducted by Decathlon Pro revealed that “keeping fit” was the most important motivation factor for those doing sport, ahead of “decompressing and de-stressing”.

Because Decathlon’s purpose is to make sport accessible to as many people as possible, thereby contributing to their well-being, the company considers health and safety at work as one of its key responsibilities with regards to its teammates.

Health and safety
in 2016

A summary

• We asked our teammates in France about their quality of life at work, and 57% reconciled this concept with the idea of being happy to come to work.

Teammates say that they play their sport regularly
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« A company where it feels good to play sport! »

One of the fundamentals shared by all employees is playing sport during or outside working hours, either alone or as part of a meeting. It’s an excellent strategy for strengthening cohesion and creating links outside the usual areas of work-related discussions – not to mention a clever way to test out our products !

« Decathlon’s “numéro bleu” (blue number) »

In 2016, a year after Decathlon launched its “numéro bleu” helpline in France, in partnership with an external body, 200 calls were registered, with this initiative benefitting 134 teammates and leading to almost 90 social welfare cases.

This solution was developed as a way of supporting any teammate, on condition of anonymity, who finds themselves in a challenging personal or professional situation (housing, finances, family, stress, etc.).