Decathlon Foundation

Created in 2005, the Decathlon Foundation has supported many teammates in France, helping them to set up socially useful projects to benefit those facing situations of hardship and vulnerability, using sport as a vehicle for integration.
In 2015, this mission became even more beneficial, by incorporating a drive to develop people’s employability. By helping them to find work in their chosen organisation, this initiative promotes diversity and aims to exert a stronger, more sustainable impact on people’s lives and well-being.

The foundation's projects
in 2016

A summary

• Aside from playing sport, we helped beneficiaries to access education and become more employable.

• We emphasised the local aspect of our projects and paid due care to the relationship between those teams involved and the beneficiaries they are helping.

« The Decathlon Foundation: a breeding ground for innovative projects »

The Foundation is a fully-fledged player in Decathlon’s CSR strategy, and also spearheads projects that extend beyond the scope of philanthropy. In 2016, it continued its efforts in India to maximise stores’ social impact , and observed that the country’s middle classes increasingly expected brands to act as vehicles for universal values. Decathlon’s teams are keen to be part of a win-win strategy and to respond to the expectations and changes in this booming market.