Attracting, rewarding and motivating teammates

At Decathlon, our remuneration policy is guided by three commitments: transparency, fairness and consistency. Pay packages comprise a personal, fixed amount relating to individual responsibilities and a variable group-based amount linked to team performance.
Employee pay thus reflects our company’s global economic strategies whilst being pegged in line with local markets.
In an increasing number of countries, teammates are given the opportunity to contribute to a mutual fund in order to share the value created and enable as many as possible to become shareholders in the business.

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A summary

• 25 countries offer an employee shareholder scheme.

Our teammates consider their pay to be fair with regard to their responsibilities
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« At Decathlon, our remuneration policy is guided by three commitments »


The manager explains the pay package to their teammate, and all information pertaining to salary, etc. is made available (different tools depending on the country) to encourage and support discussions on this topic.


We aim to pay each teammate fairly, in keeping with their performance and their development potential, and in line with the market.


Our pay policy is in line with the company’s strategic priorities, managerial model and external competitiveness.

Decathlon – shareholding teammates

Decathlon’s mutual investment fund provides teammates with an alternative way to be part of their company’s adventure, by establishing financial assets. This is also a differentiating USP for Decathlon that will encourage new talent to sign up to the company’s business plan.

In-house, a network of “shareholder reps” plays an ambassadorial role between the company’s various departments, in order to explain in detail how asset sharing works.