Attracting, rewarding and motivating teammates

Our teammates are the heart and soul of our business at Decathlon, and we communicate with them about compensation from the moment they join our team. Our compensation policy is designed to help employees feel involved in our company’s financial performance, to empower and motivate them, and to attract new talent.

At Decathlon, our compensation package has three goals: supporting company strategies, fairly compensating employees for the value they create, and paying wages that are commensurate with salaries paid to other teammates and with labour market rates. Decathlon also gives employees the chance to become company shareholders in many of the countries where we operate.


Decathlon relies on work-study opportunities and has improved the on-boarding process of new work-study hires.

Employees are given support to help them have a voice in their compensation.

We continued to make shareholding more international, with 37 countries participating in our employee shareholding scheme.


Shareholding offers an opportunity for teammates to make a long-term investment in their company and to join in a shared venture. This gives them the tools to better understand Decathlon’s business and financial performance, so they can build up assets and feel more involved and empowered.

With teammates who help drive the company’s economic performance, shareholding is a real plus for our company and makes us a more attractive employer.

In 2018 a number of countries came on board with shareholding, keeping up the rapid pace of country roll-outs.
Our goal is to have our shareholding liaisons, numbering 412 in 2018, communicate information to our teammates and make sure that everyone has equal access.


Decathlon creates economic, social and environmental value, our sustainable development strategies and initiatives are built into the value of Decathlon shares. This means Decathlon’s environmental, social and societal performance is directly tied to our financial performance. It also enables us to highlight extra-financial values linked to long-term performance for all those who are part owners of the company.

Decathlon’s extra-financial performance is assessed based on all our sustainable development strategies and initiatives, with a focus on six representative indicators: how much our teammates enjoy coming to work, user satisfaction, human responsibility in production, environmental responsibility in production, carbon management and environmental labelling.