Attracting, rewarding and motivating teammates

As part of a broader human resources policy of managing skills and developing new strategies, businesses are crafting compensation programmes that continually motivate their teams and attract new talent.

At Decathlon, our compensation package has three goals: supporting company strategies, fairly compensating employees for the value they create, and paying wages that are commensurate with salaries paid to other teammates and with labour market rates.

This approach empowers all our employees and encourages them to play an active role in our business performance, purpose and values.

Taking local differences into account, we aim to share the value created through employee shareholding and to offer global packages that are competitive in the labour market.

Compensation at Decathlon
in 2017

2017 Summary

24 countries have an employee shareholding scheme.

Teammates have access to a company digital platform that allows all employees to better understand shareholding and receive the same quality of information.

A programme has been introduced in France to give teammates a voice in how they are compensated.

Giving teammates a voice in their compensation

Pay packages at Decathlon are designed to compensate employees fairly for individual and collective contributions to value creation. Compensation is customised according to the professional performance and expertise of each teammate. Value created through group performance is shared through incentive and shareholding schemes. Total compensation is a comprehensive package that includes elements that are both fixed and variable, monetary and non-monetary (benefits, pensions, etc.).

In 2017, a programme was introduced in France to give teammates more of a voice in how they are compensated. Recognising that it can be challenging for individuals to get a clear, accurate picture of their salary, internal and external data has been made available to teammates so that they can see how their compensation measures up. We are also providing support so that each teammate can not only gain a better understanding of their pay package, but also ask questions about the value they created for their group project, their store or their region.

In 2017 we tested a platform for providing even more information through an e-learning course. All our support services and five stores offered to take part, overseen by human resources, with 4,000 teammates participating in all.

Partaking in the value created through shareholding

Shareholding represents an opportunity for teammates to share an experience and play an active role in the company’s financial performance. This commitment helps employees better understand the economic drivers that impact us and makes them feel that they are involved in our company-wide strategies.

For those in a secure financial position, this provides a way to set aside savings in parallel to earning wages. In that sense, shareholding is an added benefit for new talent when they are thinking about joining the company.

Efforts were made in 2017 to provide clearer, more efficient information when communicating with the teams in order to improve the transparency of this process. Whatever their level of involvement, all shareholders have access to information from the teams in charge of this initiative. Within the company, each teammate can contact their Shareholding Liaison who will explain in detail how the process works. Regular updates relayed through a digital ecosystem help streamline the process and make the information as easy to understand as possible.

This scheme is now available to employees in 24 countries. In countries where laws prohibit employees from being direct shareholders, an intermediate option has been put in place in agreement with local authorities and banking institutions.