Transforming business to sustain our purpose

We passed the billion marker for the number of products sold. This growth is partly a result of our growing number of stores, not just in Europe but also in China, India, Russia and new countries like Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore and Ivory Coast. It’s also partly due to the fact that we’ve intensified our efforts to listen to and observe our sports users, with 50 signature sports and exclusive new products.

The world is experiencing rapid changes that create a certain degree of instability. Technological revolutions have posed many questions, and have sometimes helped to widen the inequality gap. Citizens are also demanding greater transparency and more vigilance.

Signs that the environment is deteriorating can now be seen and felt. 2016 marked new record average temperatures worldwide, increasing evidence of the tangible effects of climate change and numerous peaks in air pollution levels, all of which is concerning for our health. Businesses must help to meet these challenges and transform themselves; they must be agile, responsive and inclusive.

We believe in “Responsibility and Freedom” for all, as this people-focused project helps our organisations to bring about radical changes designed to boost motivation, flexibility and responsiveness. In 2016, we co-wrote Decathlon’s Vision 2026, adopting a collaborative process that involved all of our teammates.

“When the Vision 2026 was being written, I was given the opportunity to lead the exercise in France. It was hard to believe, as I was only 21 and working as a part time sales assistant. The only real selection criterion was motivation, because the business was implementing a less hierarchical structure, giving everyone the chance to express their own viewpoints and let their potential shine through. I’m not surprised at all that the “Preserving our planet and its population in order to protect our purpose” has been adopted by teammates all over the globe. Each one of us can and must play a part in helping to create a better world.”

Decathlon Villeneuve d'Ascq, France