Three key groups of stakeholders vital to our success.

Talking about Decathlon stakeholders means talking about how we are, how we achieve and how we progress.

Our employees. Our management is based on trust, responsibility and skills development. Dialogue is permanent and ongoing, punctuated by regular opportunities for discussion: monthly meetings and the annual meeting. Our relations are direct and genuine. And our employees are the front-line ambassadors for our business, our Passion Brands and our products.
Our customers. They are involved right from the product design stage, and their satisfaction is one of our key concerns. Our Passion Brands enable us to meet their needs, as diverse as these are.
Our subcontractors. We consider our subcontractors to be partners, support them in terms of their development and compliance with our requirements.

And, obviously, all other stakeholders who drive our development every day.

Our initiatives which exemplify dialogue and transparency
in 2015
The 2015 highlight by stakeholders:
– for employees: Collaborative vision year
– for users: Green Awards, voting open to customers
– for civil society: the project “Together for a sustainable business”
– for regulatory/public authorities: contribution to OEF/PEF working groups
– for subcontractors/business partners: “Suppliers’ Day”.
« Stakeholders' relations mapping »

The following stakeholders’ relations mapping is not exhaustive; the process is currently being structured. Initiatives are in place and Decathlon will be working to continuously improve its practices in this field.

“We have many challenges in common with numerous other businesses, and I strongly believe in sharing good practices in order to lend greater force to our efforts.”

Rahel Damamme,
Rahel Damamme,
In charge of monitoring and stakeholder relations

Commitments and activities

Because of the variety of our activities and our operations, we dialogue with organisations on several levels: regional, national, European and international.

By way of example, below are some of our stakeholders and shared projects: