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What does distribution mean at DECATHLON?

DECATHLON, distribution? What does it refer to?
This term brings together all the ways we have at our disposal to get our products to you. 
The supply of goods from the factory all the way to your home through sales online and in stores: we reveal all.

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The products are on their way

We handle the logistics!

To transport a product from a producing country to a country wishing to distribute it, there are three modes of transport: sea, rail or air. At a European level, there is also road transport.

Before being delivered to stores or to your home, our products go through our logistics network.
This network includes 74* warehouses and logistics platforms, distributed all over the world, allowing us to serve countries where we have a presence.

How does it actually work?
The country that manufactures our products sends them to a distributor country in a warehouse, called Continental Supply Centre (CSC), who in turn distributes to other local warehouses called Regional Supply Centres (RSC). It is these regional warehouses that supply the products to DECATHLON stores or directly to your home.


In the picture, a DECATHLON teammate handling a heavy load using a forklift.

Did you know?

In all our warehouses, we've invested in automation to make teammates everyday life simpler. The machines do not replace the workforce, they are at their service.It helps us to save time and reduce costs. And therefore offer products at the right price to our sports users.

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Locally and online:
close by, any time

Our products are sold through our website and in our 1,751 stores worldwide
(company-owned, excluding franchises - 68 more points of sale than in 2021)* distributed worldwide. These contact points are important, because they allow us to create the most direct connection with you the sports users.

Whether that starts on your mobile phone or at the entrance to one of our stores, our goal is that you have a wonderful experience. RFID, Mobistore, Kiosk Plus or Test and Buy, its these added extras that make it easier to go through the tills and make purchases online. We also have our Customer Relations Centre providing answers and supporting you since 1999.


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Focus on big and small blue boxes

There's not been a just one model of DECATHLON store since 1976.From small to large-scale formats, a variety of projects, sizes, concepts and experiences have seen the light of day

Is our distribution committed?


Distribution : our commitments around the world

DECATHLON is committed to reducing its environmental impact on a worldwide scale. To get there, our teams have identified two key areas: renewable energy and transport. Here are our measures and goals for the coming years